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CareBuilder technology empowers teams to deliver superior care, remotely and in person.

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Real-time Care Response Centre

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Caregiver App

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Client App

Lifestyle Monitoring 

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Qardio Arm Pression

Care Management Portal


Real-time Care Response Centre

Deliver remote-first support and get a continuous visual overview of every caregiver and care receiver. View the person’s planned care with all related information, including the history, documents, assigned devices and social ecosystem.

Precision management of individual care

Provide remote-first support to clients and caregivers (video, voice, email and text)

Open the client’s camera automatically after an emergency

Control smart devices remotely & push content (instructions, physiotherapy videos etc.)

(Re)schedule appointments and schedule tasks

Locate care receivers, caregivers and other resources

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Caregiver App

Caregivers receive alerts or requests from a full range of devices such as the Client App, motion detectors or bedside and e-Health devices. Removes manual administration so that caregivers can focus on one thing: delivering care.

Manage alarms, monitor lifestyle patterns and plan tasks

Initiate automatic video calls

Find available colleagues

View patient reports

Video call care-receivers & colleagues

Update alerts & requests

Plan & check care tasks

View instruction manuals and videos

Manage agenda

Maintain access to colleagues and care-receivers and ensure safety and security

View exact location of colleagues and care receivers

Register time spent on care tasks automatically

Record video calls for audit & compliance

Manage authorizations and devices

Remotely check lifestyle monitoring devices

Family App

The app enables family and friends to be actively involved in a client’s well-being, especially in the case of elderly people and patients with chronic conditions. Their involvement benefits your clients, your caregivers and managers.

Stay Informed and Involved

+ Family members stay in contact with loved ones via video and voice calls & text

+ Family can provide extra support with therapy,  procedures or unexpected issues

+ Family members check alerts, requests and planned activities to stay informed and provide support

+ Family can review real-time activity reports of patient’s activities throughout the day


Client App

You can tailor the Client App precisely to the care receivers’ needs and desires, to make the technology easy to use. Care receivers communicate with caregivers, family and friends through a personalized touchscreen home hub. If needed, they can also keep track of tasks they themselves are in control of.

Help is one click away

‘Help’ button gives immediate access to help

Help request can be for specific situations (i.e. help with cleaning)

Help request can be for specific caregivers (i.e. physiotherapist when performing an exercise)

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Lifestyle Monitoring

Care organisations can use CareBuilder’s lifestyle monitoring package to unobtrusively, remotely check on their clients' wellbeing. This allows clients to live independently, while always safe, connected and supported.

Motion Sensor

Monitors movement throughout the home​ with business rules that fit the care receivers need

Receive alarms when no movement has been detected for an extended period 

Receive alarms when movement has been detected at night ​

Connects directly to the WiFi, installed in seconds 

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Extra Lifestyle Monitoring devices such as flood sensors, IP Camera's, energy sensors & more can be found here.

Care SmartWatch & IoT Wearable

The Smartwatch App integrates smartwatch functionalities such as fall detection and heart rate monitoring with CareBuilder’s alert response and communications features. Wearers stay safe and connected.

IoT Wearable

Send alerts with one push of a button and get automated alerts in case of falling (fall detection) 

Personalise the sensitivity of the fall detection to ensure complete safety to your care receivers

Get automatic low battery & offline alerts

Connects directly to the Wi-Fi network with a fallback protocol

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CareBuilder offers an intelligent and user-friendly eHealth solution that saves considerable costs and time for hospitals and home care institutions. All measurements are recorded and reported.

Qardioarm Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor

Set parameters to receive alerts when the blood pressure is too high/low. 

View real time instructions when and how take blood pressure independently 

Ask for help with blood press with just one press of a button


Automatically connected to the Client Portal and never disconnects  

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Care Management Portal

Manage all content, services, users and devices registered on your CareBuilder platform.

CMS (Content Management System)

Alarm & Request buttons

Push content to clients, e.g. therapy videos, procedure instructions, medication guides

Entertainment & online content, e.g. links to Internet sites, YouTube, films, online radio

Manage all buttons and content seen by care receivers. Make your own buttons with their own content and response protocol. Choose preferred CMS items in our library with a simple drag & drop 

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Protocol & Business Rule Builder

Build your own protocols and business rules to ensure that your customers are always supported and safe.

Protocol Builder

Ensures the perfect match between caregiver and care receiver 

Every request and alarm can have their own protocol

These matching algorithms can be defined using simple drag & drop components:  no programming is required! 

Build custom protocols based on criteria such as qualification, preference, location, proximity and availability

CareBuilder's matching algorithm can include suppliers that are outside of your organisation such as family, friends and neighbours. This enables you to reduce the workload of your caregivers by allocating non-critical care tasks to others

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