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See how CareBuilder can make a difference in your organisation

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See how CareBuilder can make a difference for your clients

Your Clients


See how CareBuilder can make a difference for your call centre

Your Call Centre


See how CareBuilder can make a difference for your caregivers

Your Caregivers


See how CareBuilder can make a difference for family members

Their Family Members


See how CareBuilder can make a difference for managers

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See how CareBuilder can make a difference for your IT department

Your IT department


See how CareBuilder can make a difference for service partners

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How CareBuilder Benefits
Your Organisation and Every Stakeholder

+ Integrates all parts of your care model 

Enabling organisations to create more affordable care and support packages for existing and new clients.

Delivers Tailorable Solutions

Optimising resources enabling agile working across the whole organisation.

+ Increases Accountability

Our transactional model  (every event is recorded) ensures transparency across all areas of service delivery and key communications.

Increases safety for all users

Enhanced Safety is delivered through the unique online  integration of  devices and individual protocols. To ensure support is always at hand.

Provides dynamic responses to change

CareBuilder enables organisations to develop new or modify existing services - globally, locally or individually as and when ‘ new demands dictate’ without additional development costs.’

Ensure that your Clients are Always in Touch,
Informed, Independent and Safe

+ Personalised Packages

Our personalised portals are designed to enable clients & their families to be involved in their loved ones care package. Which reassuringly can  incorporate  a range of backup strategies should anything go wrong

Independent Living

Support is achieved through a combination  of  easy to use visual touchscreens, interconnected devices, interactive calendars, and video calls. Allowing the user to feel in control of their day to day lives and care plans.  But enabling family members or care companies to be part of support plans in the event of an emergency.

+ Enhanced health and safety

Personal health and safety packages can be developed to provide individuals with falls detection, unobtrusive monitoring, medication reminders. Where help is only a click away (via screen, button or sensor) should it be needed.

Scaleable Options

We understand that individuals' needs can change suddenly, and Carebuilder offers individuals, families and organisations a cost effective and immediate way of scaling support up or down as circumstances change.

Comprehensive and flexible communications

Carebuilder can offer users multiple ways of keeping in touch with family, friends and carers.  Our versatile user portal offers, video, audio phone, email or standard requests linked to specific devices. We like to make sure interventions are kept easy and relevant for each user.


Blends Remote and face-to-face Care to Enhance the Support and Safety of your Clients and Staff

+ Real time activity

Our dynamic environment offers instant access to what’s happening in the field. Providing accurate information to enhance the daily management and support to staff and clients.

Central and local responder services

Our platform enables organisations to create their own responder protocols, by region, type, location  - hourly, daily, weekly and/or by rota.  Opening up opportunities to maximise resources and reduce costs  (centrally, regionally and/ locally).

+ 24/7 Service Platform

Organisations can easily and cost efficiently  create a greater number of targeted 24/7 care and support services (from remote first to, blended care, rest bite and ad hoc emergency back up) by using our online templates and  ecosystem.

Any Time Any Place

Call Centre workers can work from any location and  be linked into regional protocols which can be delivered locally or centrally. Providing greater flexibility for delivering both planned and ad hoc services efficiently.

Easy to plan, review, monitor, report and act

All services  /activities are either recorded or monitored to ensure organisations can dynamically review outcomes and requirements. Then easily modify by service type and/ or individual as needs dictate.

Call Centre

How CareBuilder Ensures Caregivers have the
Right Information, at the Right Place, at the Right Time

+ Increased personal safety and value

Our Integrated App links into a central and/or local system providing greater personal safety whilst out in the field.

Easy Access to care plans, information and systems

Our app offers carers instant  access to daily schedules, client notes, procedural notes increasing productivity and maximising care time onsite.

+ Automated Backup Protocols

Protocols can be set up automatically to check availability by Location, Care Or Emergency Type. Removing the need to manually ring around to find someone who is available.

Reduced admin time

Through responding via our app, carers can update records dynamically and increase care and reduce admin hours.

Better onsite triage

Video capabilities on the app,  enable speedy access to support in an emergency or to cope with difficult situations.


How CareBuilder Ensures that

your Loved one is Safe, Secure and Cared For

+ Creates a personalised community around your loved ones

Our range of apps and portals enable family & friends to create personalised ecosystems around their loved ones. Which can be standalone or integrated with other care providers.


Our system enables all users to remain in contact via video, online audio phone (SIP) or device - depending on needs and capabilities.

+ Keep in touch

Permissions can be given to help family view care services so they can make sure they are happy with the support their loved ones are given.

Keep informed and active

The client portal is designed to provide individuals with access to their own range of personal interests and activities. To ensure they get the mental stimulation they require on a daily basis.

Develop your own friendship groups

In these difficult times, keeping in touch is key and we have designed the system to enable users to develop their own family and friend networks which are easy and secure to use.  Clients should never feel isolated or alone.

Family members

Our Real-time Care and Support Ecosystem

enhances Management Decision Making

+ Easy to check organisational KPIs

Each action is a transaction so setting up and measuring KPIs can be achieved easily through our online visual reporting systems. These systems are updated dynamically to ensure you have an accurate picture when you need it.

System Scalability

The CareBuilder Platform is fully scalable and has been designed to enable organisations to scale up as demand grows, but realise economies of scale with our SAAS models.

+ Multiple Locations

Our platform has been designed to enable organisations to grow their own CareEcoSystems and develop multiple locations and or services which can be run separately or as integrated services, depending on your Care Strategies.

Multiple Locations Builder

Locations are a key part of our model and it has been designed to help companies better manage and deploy targeted and back up services based around availability and locations.  Companies can plan services by region, location, street, floor , rota, time depending on how they manage their resources and some parameters can be changed to reflect daily events!

Remote First Support - designed to keep all stakeholders safe

Remote First support has now become a more recognised way of working. But ensuring that all actions are recorded is unique to Carebuilder.  This system makes unscheduled Care Commission Checks or Enquiry easy and manageable 24/7.


Our Comprehensive Rest- API’s Reduce Development & Integration Time onto our Platform

+ Fully Integrated Platform

Our cloud based system takes away the need for full scale development.  Companies gain the benefit of over 10 years  of standards compliant development.

Easy/fast to implement

A comprehensive range of templates, tools and portals ensures organisations can quickly and cost effectively set up a range of core or personalised services.

+ Quick user assignment

Users (individuals, staff or carers) are easy and quick to set up and assign to specific areas of the platform. Have a project team running in just a few days!

Set up multiple devices quickly and efficiently

Device setup is done through a series of templates, globally, locally or individually. Just assign a device to a service, individual and/or protocol and away you go.

Remote Device Management

Carebuilder have built in remote device management so that devices can be queried, updated and monitored  (eg battery levels or if they are online or offline) remotely.  Reducing the need to go on site to do maintenance.

IT department

+ Brandable SaaS model

3rd party providers can create your own identity and services using our online Care Eco system without development costs.

Protocols, Templates & SDK kits

To enable integration with your own devices and software.

+ Good revenue returns model

Carebuilder is modular and scalable, providing greater revenue generating opportunities from the number of users and/ or services deployed.

Own database

Full white label options include their own databases. To ensure a service provider has maximum control over services, integration and innovation.

Remote support and system monitoring

Our SaaS platform provides high levels of remote diagnostic tools and dynamic backend monitoring. Enabling service providers to increase service and support quality with minimal technical field staff.

Provides a Comprehensive Toolbox

for a Range of Service Providers

Service partners

Two Month Trial

The proof is in the pudding; experience how CareBuilder will bring your care business to a new level. With a 2 month trial period and a minimum of investment, CareBuilder builds your own use case.

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