Two Month Trial with full support

During two months, we provide your organisation with our Experience Kit, a full range of devices and software, and dedicated support, so that everyone can experience the improvement in the lives of clients and work of your team. The kit includes a 4G router on which all the devices are pre-installed. You also receive Carebuilder templates you can use right away to carry out care tasks. However, the goal is to help you create your own use case tailored precisely to your organisation’s needs. That way you can experience the full power of the system.

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Week 1:

Kickoff and master class in  TMCARE methodology

TMCARE stands for Trigger-Match-Connect-Act-Register-Evaluate. TMCARE enables you to  structure a use case from beginning to end, including documentation and evaluation, ensuring that nothing is overlooked and all parts of the system are perfectly attuned.

In the first week, you’ll gain an understanding of:

+ The technology (Experience Kit)

A demonstration of all the devices that your organisation will use during the 8 weeks of the Two Month Trial. We explain how all the devices work, and use a specialized document to map them onto an entire day in the life of a client.

+ Phases of care
A deep dive into the anticipated  needs, triggers, responses of all involved. We walk your team through the entire case and show how the platform works at every step. So everyone knows exactly what will happen and when.  

+ TMcare® methodology
A masterclass teaching how TMcare® works and improves the quality of the delivery of care, focussing on making your organisation become TMcare® compliant.   

+ Technology & Care Landscape Posters
CareBuilder provides large posters (150cm x 150cm) to document the decisions taken in the kickoff. The posters remain throughout the trial, to support further discussion and learning as the use case is implemented. 

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Week 2:

Discuss Your Use Case

We show in greater detail what a use case contains, and then invite you to co-create one use case tailored to your organisation, which you will use throughout the trial. Using a specialized poster, we fill in every part of the system: objects, triggers, protocols, services, people, medications, in short, answers to all the who / what / when / where / how questions. At the end of this session, there is a complete plan for the use case, understood by all.

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Week 3-4:

Build Your Use Case

CareBuilder builds your personalised use case. Concise, well-structured video calls are scheduled to keep your organisation up to date. When the use case has been built, you will receive a presentation and a document that explains what has been built for each stakeholder. In addition, we offer training to show how it works. At the end of this phase, the use case is ready and your organisation is trained to work with it.

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Week 5-7: 

Experience Carebuilder in action

All the stakeholders involved receive the devices they’ll be using. For example, the  clients receive the  tablet, caregivers receive their mobile device and managers receive the care response center. For these weeks, all will use the new system in their everyday work. Often, we help you to set up a test room so people can start to work in a test environment. We can offer remote support by video call, and make changes if needed. At the end of the first week, we evaluate, among others:

+ Experience - was it useful, usable, efficient, effective,  pleasant to work with?
+ KPIs - are there measurable benefits?
+ Expectations - were they met, and what do users expect to happen next?
+ Next steps - answers to any questions people may have

Stakeholders can include:

+ Client(s)
+ Caregivers & Development Managers




Commercial & Strategy


At the end of these two weeks, every stakeholder has a clear and realistic picture of the results and benefit of use of the new system.

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Week 8:

Up and Running

In the final week, we discuss options for future use. The options for use are flexible. These include simply continuing the established use case, or expanding to a broader implementation. In our experience, the trial gives organizations a clear view of how they do or don’t want to use the system. We’re happy to help you as you take your time and make the right decision.