Smart Care Solutions that Power Teamwork

From the very first projects to this day, CareBuilder has worked with organisations providing award-winning care and support to the elderly and people with a range of disabilities, including learning difficulties, dementia and other cognitive as well as physical disabilities.

We offer SaaS-based portals & apps, smart devices and intelligent matching of caregivers and care receivers to enable effective (remote-first) support, increase efficiency and teamwork in care & housing and improve quality of life.

Caregivers deliver remote-first support and maintain complete oversight and control over care & support processes

Enriches alerts from care receivers with relevant information: urgency, location and required qualifications

Monitor customer’s activity, fall detection, step-count & heart-rate and receive alerts in case of a suspected emergency

The only care platform with an app, portal and devices for care receivers, caregivers, family & support service providers

Real-time Care Response Centre. A Call Centre for Care
Unique matching software to match caregiver and care receiver, protocols
Monitor lifestyle paterns, fall detection, activity, movement, heart rate
Complete ecosystem, a device for every stakeholder
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Dozens of great companies rely on CareBuilder

These great companies make a difference worldwide with CareBuilder




"We are on a journey with Carebuilder that has transformed our customers lives,

increased our business and allowed us to innovate in areas we didn’t think possible"

Colin Foskett
Head of Innovation
Blackwood Group

How CareBuilder Works

CareBuilder has dedicated apps for care receivers, caregivers, family, support staff and managers

Two Month Trial

We help you set up to fit your own use case, and support you for eight weeks using all devices and software


Scale your investment precisely to your organisation’s needs with one of our optimised licence plans


We’ve helped many teams deliver great services in care, housing & more and we're happy to answer your questions

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