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Improving organisations by implementing modern day technology has never been easier. With CareBuilder you can have a leading care and support system up and running within a week!

Now you can provide care and support according to your client's individual needs and still work even more efficiently. Combine and keep track of multiple delivery solutions for better care, enhanced safety, independent living and include everyone involved in an individual's care through our powerful cooperative network.

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For people and business

Easy to set up and implement

Safe and highly secure

Create ...

... your own CareBuilder platform complying to your ambitions:

We make it easy and provide the tools, templates and apps to enable you to create smart, safe and integrated care and support solutions. Solutions for planned and unplanned tasks, social inclusion, independent and assisted living and much more.

Connect ...

... all people, devices, tasks and systems that matter:

Carebuilder excels in bringing demand and supply together. Match based on f.e. qualification, location, work load, time, device, language or gender. Use several different technologies and integrate other systems. 

Deliver ...

... any service you want to provide in a smart way:

Use your own CareBuilder platform to deliver high quality integrated services that meet your customer, their family and your colleagues needs as and when they are needed.

Manage ...

... all parts of your care and support networks:

Increase quality, safety and accountability using simple track and trace tools to gain a more in-depth understanding of service activities, demands and outcomes from all parts of the supply chain (Client, Carer, Digital Support, Supplier and Social Inclusion)

  • Any service you want to provide
  • Personal care plans
  • Smart agenda's
  • Mobile working
  • 1200+ Domitica devices
  • Video conferencing
  • Family
  • Volunteers
  • Care teams & experts
  • Service providers
  • Customizable follow-up
  • Management reports
  • Live Overview

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We managed to realize > 99,999 % Uptime last year. We have a live backup server.


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With 20% of our functionality, you create 80% of your goals and service.

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