Why CareBuilder?

CareBuilder has been made to allow organisations to make changes that enhance the ongoing  safety and wellbeing of your staff and clients. CareBuilder is designed to give organisations the tools to improve everyday life and work. 


CareBuilder’s care platform allows you to improve your processes, services and management across your organisation without the need for IT skills. Ensuring your organisation can easily attain current and future industry standards through a series of gateways, Meaning you can adopt and adapt your existing techniques to reduce costs and disruption. 


CareBuilder has dedicated apps for care receivers, caregivers, family, support staff and managers: ensuring individuals receive access to the resources and people needed at any time and at any location.

Service Delivery


Call Centre



Family & Friends

Service Partners






Lifestyle Monitoring





Think & Build > Run & Manage


The first step towards improvement is to think about what can be improved. CareBuilder supports the thinking process with our Think-Canvas allows you to conceptualise the improvement.



Build the solution that has been conceptualised in the Think phase in a matter or minutes/hours with ready-to-use technology through drag & drop templates. 



Your organisation is ready to run the CareBuilder platform, built to your needs, across the whole organisation. The platform is created to maximise simplicity to ensure users can use their tailored solution. 


Every care and safety process is supported through TMcare®. TMcare methodology is the backbone of every service that is delivered through the CareBuilder platform: from the alarm that is triggered; to the evaluation of the support given. Read more about TMcare® and how your organisation can deliver TMcare®-assisted support below.

Manage the whole platform: uptime, scale and performance to get the maximum results out of your resources.



A complete cycle of support

CareBuilder has developed a structured methodology called TMcare® that guides the work of teams managing and providing care. TMcare® ensures that care tasks are optimally structured from beginning to end.












A tasks comes from care receivers, colleagues or smart technology are: Pro-Active, Re-Active or Pre-Active



Intelligent dynamic matching protocols selects the best caregivers to take on the tasks



A caregiver takes responsibility for the task and connects & communicates with the receiver



Caregivers provide services remotely or on-site, equipped with all the information they need



Key data of care services are recorded, enabling live dashboards, KPI reports and audit trails



The quality of services, procedures and resources are assessed using detailed documentation of services

Service Delivery

The CareBuilder platform enables caregivers to  work in a  task oriented way. Every task that needs to be performed will be received by available qualified caregivers. The caregivers receive all the relevant information to perform the task. When the caregiver has clicked on the task that needs to be performed, they can easily:

Communicate with the client through video, voice and text
Look through their IP-camera (*with permissions)

Check eHealth records and start measurements
Check their alarm/request history 

Plan new services 

Check where they are (GPS) or where they are located in their home (IoT sensors)
Check which resources, neighbours, family members or caregivers are close to them
Check their lifestyle patterns (IoT sensors)

Push content to their tablet with instructions


Re-Active, Pro-Active & Pre-Active Tasks

Tasks originate through the following events:



All alarms & requests that are sent after an action / reaction
(e.g. when a care receiver presses the alarm-button on her e-Watch)


All tasks that are planned to be done at a specific time
(e.g. a weekly wellbeing check-up to see how a someone is doing)


All alerts that are being sent after a suspected emergency
(e.g. when no activity has been detected for a while)

Poster web.jpg

From the old way, to the
new way of working




Several standalone system

Fix planning or protocol

Depended on others

Local solution

Made from financial perspective




Constant observation

Closed systems

Single resource

Based trust / fraude sensitive


Strategy from software supplier

Grow after each Implementation

Hardware from one supplier

Ask your supplier

Hard create & change planning

Hard to cancel or communicate showstoppers



Remote-first & wherever needed

One fully integrated system, one-app for every care process

Flexible protocol: create your own protocols with drag & drop


Any place, any time, any person

Made from operational perspective


Autonomous teams

When needed (ad-hoc) & Pro-Active, Pre-Active and Re-Active

Automated through smart sensors

Open standards & communication

Team share workload

Full track & trace of every action with name of user and date

Accessible and deployable everywhere (Software as a Service)

Build your own Strategy


Hardware from many based on industrial standards

Build it yourself with drag & drop

Notifications of any personal change

Our uber technology is searching for alternative resources


Low Total Cost of Ownership central to CareBuilder's design

Easy Installation & Configuration.png

Easy Installation & Configuration

+ Integrated suite of solutions

+ Plug & connect devices and assign them to users – no IT skills required

+ Hundreds of devices, services & protocol template for a quick start

+ Personalise devices, services, content and triage & escalation protocols in a drag & drop environment

Training & Change  Management.png

Training & Change  Management

+ No programming skills ever needed!

+ CareBuilder train the trainer for advanced users (management & care centre staff)

+ Intuitive apps and portals for caregivers and their clients

+ Automatically embed change in operating processes

Customisation & Scalability.png

Customisation & Scalability

+ Amazon AWS Service

+ Innovation sandbox – drag & drop care management system, open standards, API, common communication protocols

CareBuilder MDM based on Android EMM.png

CareBuilder MDM based on Android EMM

+  Approve, install (push or via Managed Play), configure & delete apps on devices remotely / directly

+  Streamline updates (silent/push), permissions, [re]allocation of user licenses

+ Manage in-app settings remotely e.g. wipe out log-in settings and history on shared devices


Saas Ecosytem with No-risk Licensing

CareBuilder is a Care SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that connects every stakeholder in your organisation through tailor-made applications connected to the SaaS server.

Ready to use.png

Ready to use

Installation requires only an internet connection and a log-in. It can be made ready for use in minutes using CareBuilder’s extensive drag & drop content and service library.

We do the upgrading

CareBuilder clients can simply log on using an internet browser or mobile apps, to already upgraded services. Care organisations are never stuck with unsupported licenses or technologies.

Guaranteed performance

With most traditional systems, your organisation does not get a performance guarantee. CareBuilder guarantees applications will be available 99.95% of the time.


Integration - How we have deployed our rest-API

We have developed an API which can be used to integrate our client’s chosen systems to our platform so they won’t have to put in the same data in different systems.

+ Planned care – therapy programme, appointments
+ Care systems – dossier forming & care history

Safety, Compliance & Quality Standards.p

Safety, Compliance & Quality Standards

We are GDPR-compliant and we have put in place technical and organisational processes and procedures to safeguard against any unauthorised and unlawful processing of our client’s personal data.

Data Exchange Standards.png

Data Exchange Standards

Data security level is PCI DSS Level 1.
No physical access for customers/employees

Employees with access to customer data have signed confidentiality agreement
Work is ongoing on compliance with upcoming MedMij standard.

Data & Information Security.png

Data & Information Security

CareBuilder meets the requirements set out in NEN 7510 – ‘Information security in healthcare standard’.

Back-up & Recovery.png

Back-up & Recovery

Recovery and fallback procedures are documented and tested twice a year.

Business Continuity.png

Business Continuity

Data availability & server uptime of 99.995%.Multiple network connections between servers / internet.


Hosting Arrangements & Standard

Hosting ISO 27001 certified. Continuous replication of data across two sites & daily back up.

One powerful care platform, many stakeholders

Use CareBuilder to deliver & enhance your current service and
create new services that are designed around your stakeholders.
See why thousands of users use CareBuilder to provide better care.