Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

It’s crucial that patients take as much responsibility as possible for their own cure and recovery. When combined with the comfort of home or hospitality services in a clinic, this improves patient outcomes and frees up care professionals and facilities to serve more patients.

CareBuilder technology plays a key role in five areas:

  • Delivering information and exercises to patients;
  • Reminding patients to take medication or do exercises;
  • Monitoring therapy compliance, progress and well-being;
  • Offering hotel-like entertainment and hospitality services;
  • Providing a nurse call system that ensures efficient triage, provides relevant information regarding the patient’s request or alarm, and allows for care to be delivered remotely e.g. via video calls.

Rehabilitation professionals at e.g. Topaz Revitel have been using CareBuilder to help patients become more self-reliant faster. Whether recovering from a knee or hip fracture, a stroke or chemotherapy, Topaz uses CareBuilder to deliver the right information, exercises and services for each situation.

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