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Blackwood Homes & Care has implemented our night-time care solution which increases patients independence, tackling overreliance on qualified nurses and sleepovers in individual home settings. This has offered a sustainable response to the increase in demand for night-time support for elderly and disabled people and has saved 40% in the costs of sleepovers in the first year (savings rising as the programme is scaled up).

Blackwood offers an alternative contact point readily available throughout the night using a mix of personal alarm, smart sensors, real-time triage and video communication technology:

  • providing reassurance to customers & alleviating social isolation and loneliness

  • providing audio, visual or sensory reminders for medication

  • checking & creating records of medicine intake


  • undertaking practical tasks remotely
    (e.g. closing curtains)

  • making contact following alerts (e.g. movement / fire sensors)

  • summoning emergency help on behalf of patients


365 sleepovers per year per customer were replaced by an average of 268 short video and voice calls (made using CareBuilder’s Client Portaland 16 physical responses from professional staff per year.


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