Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

Emergency pull cords, a fire alarm installation and a video-linked intercom system are basic requirements for most property managers. But social housing providers, property developers and property managers are facing growing demand for housing suitable for the elderly and for people in other vulnerable groups such as those with disabilities or chronic health conditions. For large property managers, ensuring a population of ageing tenants is able to live independently at home for as long as possible makes good business sense. To meet these demands, property managers need digital systems that can evolve with the needs of their tenants over time.

CareBuilder has worked with some of the largest property managers and social housing providers in the UK to develop and implement complete solutions that integrate proprietary and third-party technology:

  • Fire alarm installation incl. ESPA 4.4.4. compliant silent alarm directly to mobile phones of development managers

  • Emergency pull cords and personal alarms – because CareBuilder is an open standards platform, we integrate third-party systems from several providers and brands. Depending on the situation, these can be based on traditional analogue and DTMF technology e.g. Tunstall, on z-wave technology e.g. Kadex, on wi-fi technology or even on Bluetooth technology

  • Front-door intercom with video-link – we have integrated different brands of intercom systems into our digital platform. Residents see and speak the person ringing the bell, and open the front door from the convenience of a touchscreen tablet

  • CareBuilder’s flexible Client Portal allows property managers to add interactive digital content to the display on residents’ touchscreen devices e.g. information regarding upcoming maintenance and repairs, bill payment reminders, service & product offers and local events

  • Property managers give residents easy online access to any range of proprietary and contracted services incl. repairs, local convenience services, living assistance and care at home

  • CareBuilder has worked with providers of housing and care for people with disabilities and added multiple additional features to the platform by integrating devices ranging from smart home solutions to eHealth

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