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All organisations providing care and support to elderly, to people with long-term disabilities or chronic conditions, or to those undergoing rehabilitation have one thing in common: they need a way to create and execute a care & support plan efficiently, based on internal protocols and the needs of individual customers. This is not limited to healthcare tasks; it may involve tasks relating to living assistance, hospitality services for social participation and physical activity e.g. to prevent loneliness and ensure customers maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to managing care & support plans, CareBuilder supports organisations with an intuitive and feature-rich solution:


  • Predefine care, cure, social and/or activity plans – e.g. rehabilitation programme for hip-fracture patients

  • Include self-service tasks for patients – e.g. physiotherapy sessions with help of online exercise videos, daily reporting of pain levels, medication intake

  • Include tasks for caregivers – assigned specifically to an individual e.g. a specialist, or to a group

  • Quickly assign one or a combination of predefined care & support plans to a individual patient and customise these as appropriate to the person’s needs – e.g. assign a programme of daily self-service physiotherapy exercises, daily help with personal hygiene and a hospitality service package for the duration of a patient’s stay

  • Generate automatic alerts for patients, informal caregivers and/or for the appropriate care staff (this includes automated triage toreflect urgency and ensure efficient allocation of resources)

  • Automatically track status of tasks

  • Automatically escalate reminders to caregivers and care coordinators when tasks are not completed as expected

  • Maintain audit trail for all tasks – incl. who took responsibility and completed the task and time spent on task

One of the advantages for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, care homes and care at home teams of using CareBuilder is that caregivers use just one app to manage planned care tasks as well as to receive and manage all ad-hoc alarms and requests. There is no need for caregivers to carry multiple apps, beepers or visit multiple portals to check what needs following up: the Caregiver App brings it all together in one place.

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