Personalised Responder Services

Carebuilder enables your organisation to design and deliver the most appropriate professionals and/or support teams to be part of your clients personalised responder services.


An alert can be sent by patients, residents, colleagues and readings from smart technology. Sent alerts are enriched by CareBuilder’s unique matching software (uber-technology matching) with relevant information such as the nature of the alarm, urgency, location and the need for specifically qualified personnel. These alarms are then received at the Real-time Care Response Centre or the Caregiver App. It is also possible to receive alerts via email, mobile phone (IVR) or SMS.

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The alert is converted into a task for the suitable executor. If this person is unable to perform the task, the task can easily be transferred to colleagues. As soon as a task has been accepted, the caregiver receives relevant information about the patient and the task that must be performed. As a result, the caregiver always knows what to do. It may also be the case that the patient must perform the task himself. In this case it’s also possible that text or a video clip appears on their Client App with the task instructions. 


CareBuilder offers integrated systems that significantly improve communication and collaboration within hospitals and other healthcare institutions. CareBuilder helps healthcare organisations create complete solutions for:


+ Patient Safety

Wide range of devices for personal alarms, lifestyle monitoring, home automation and e-Health, indoors or outdoors, in bed or in the shower. CareBuilder supports the latest digital solutions based on WiFi and Bluetooth.

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CareBuilder Door Sensor
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Qardio Arm Pression

Tranquil Working Environment 

CareBuilder reduces noise pollution and the risk of ‘alarm fatigue’ to a minimum by filtering alerts and requests through clever allocation using differentiated triage, and by sending silent alarms to personnel.

Having Complete Overview and Working Intuitively

Because alerts and care requests from all kinds of monitoring and personal alarm devices are only received and handled through one app, caregivers do not have to use multiple beepers and systems to maintain a total overview.

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Communication & Teamwork

The Caregiver App offers internal and external video / VoIP communication, patient information, notes from colleagues and user-friendly care administration. With the Caregiver App, staff are no longer on their own!


Safety for Care Personnel

In addition to the communication options that the Caregiver App offers, we provide mobile personnel with user-friendly personal alarm devices that can be used everywhere.


Location Determination

CareBuilder’s nurse call system lets responders know in real time in which room and where on the map they are needed.


Efficient clinical workflows and care processes are made possible by CareBuilder’s unique matching software, regardless of how complex or diverse your care and support services are, or how many different monitoring devices your organisation uses.

One powerful care platform, many stakeholders

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