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Hospice and Palliative Care

We offer a solution that promotes a safe and peaceful environment, ensuring the efficient allocation of tasks to nurses & volunteers. 


As a hospice centre you need to ensure that patients in the last phase of their life enjoy a peaceful environment and have dedicated care and support. 


To achieve this it’s important to organise  communication and coordination to ensure that the right resources are called on at the right time, minimising disruption to patients and their families..


Along with a leading Academic Hospice we are now pleased to offer other  hospice centres a state of the art solution  . At the heart of our offering lies the Caregiver App and a real-time triage engine, to ensure that all alerts & requests are handled quickly and effectively by the  right person,minising disturbances.


Our colleagues are using the Caregiver App to:


+  Set up and ,manage alerts and tasks by individual 

+  Set up to receive alerts & tasks based on roles (e.g. nurses receive alerts for medication and volunteers receive requests for a glass of water)

+  Video Triage to differentiate between emergencies and non-emergencies

+  Centrally transfer work and telephone calls to appropriate colleagues


+  (Video) call colleagues and patients to increase response and support times

+  Remotely stop alarms 

+  Allow patients and staff to instantly request support 


Let us help you enhance your current services to not only benefit your patients and their families but  support your dedicated staff and volunteers and reduce some of the stress of their day to day roles.

One powerful care platform, many stakeholders

Use CareBuilder to deliver & enhance your current service and
create new services that are designed around your stakeholders.
See why thousands of users use CareBuilder to provide better care.
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