Night Time Care

See how our existing customers have developed safe, cost effective and sustainable services. By using  Carebuilder, they are able to meet both the current and projected demands of night time care without significantly increasing staff numbers. 

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Blackwood Homes & Care has successfully implemented an innovative night-time care service, tackling traditional overreliance on qualified nurses and sleepovers in individual home settings, by increasing people’s independence. The new service offers a sustainable response to projected increases in demand for night-time support for elderly and disabled people. Material savings have been generated on staff and travel costs.


This solution has enabled Blackwood to replace 365 sleepovers with an average of 16 physical visits and 268 short video calls per customer per year! This generated savings of 40% on the costs of night-time care during the pilot phase, even before the programme was scaled up. John, a customer of Blackwood with severe disabilities, is enjoying his new independence: “I can now watch the football late at night and I know there is always someone there if I need support.”


Using a mix of personal alarm, smart sensors,unique matching software and video communications technology, Blackwood offers an alternative contact point readily available throughout the night, and an enhanced night-time service:


+ Providing reassurance to customers;

Alleviating social isolation and loneliness;

Providing audio, visual or sensory reminders for medication;

Checking & creating records of medicine intake;

Undertaking practical tasks remotely e.g. closing curtains; 

Making contact following alerts from e.g. movement sensors, door alarms or fire/water detection;

Seeking healthcare advice or summoning emergency help on behalf of customers.


According to Colin Foskett (Head of Innovation at Blackwood Group), the new night-time care model offers a sustainable response to the projected increases in demand for night-time support and the chronic shortage of qualified care professionals.

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