Unique Matching Software

CareBuilder applies unique matching software (Uber-matching technology), triage and automatic escalation to data from alarm devices, requests, monitoring sensors, eHealth devices and other smart equipment. This helps care organisations to involve highly qualified care providers, volunteers, informal carers and the community in the care process.


Differentiated triage and escalation protocols determine who is asked to respond to an alarm, service request, or a trigger from a smart device. Allowing CareBuilder to provide  organisations with the right match between the care request and the responder in real-time based on role, urgency, distance, availability, qualifications, gender and other factors. The triage and automated escalation protocols are  determined,  and set up in house,  for each type of service request or alarm based on the policy of your organisation.

Clients can also send differentiated requests via the Client App, the IoT-wearable, Smartwatch App and other IoT devices, eg .:


+ a glass of water

request to have a chat

ask for help with medication

order food

help with going to the toilet

make an appointment with hairdresser

request help with cleaning 


Alarms and care requests are automatically escalated to another person, group or care center, if they are not picked up within pre-defined response times.


In CareBuilder, triage and escalation protocols are managed in an intuitive drag & drop environment, part of CareBuilder’s Care Management Portal – without needing IT skills! Care managers using CareBuilder’s Care Management Portal have enormous flexibility to define triage & escalation protocols that can be made specifically for a patient or group of patients, for one or more locations, or for a time of day or certain days of the week.

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