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CareBuilder Solution that Relieves Healthcare Services in the COVID-19 Crisis

We’re not working on a vaccine for the covid-19 virus, but we have been developing a solution for over 20 years for burdened healthcare services. Below are urgent healthcare needs and our proven digital solution that addresses those needs.

The covid-19 pandemic has put a heavy burden on healthcare services all around the world. Many healthcare resources are now being allocated elsewhere to deal with the outbreak, leaving many care receivers, especially the elderly and people with other ailments, without proper care. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. CareBuilder’s Care Ecosystem can help relieve burdened healthcare services. 


These needs and solutions have been identified in collaboration with our vast network of key stakeholders from The United Kingdom, Spain and The Netherlands such as healthcare professionals and solution providers. All listed solutions have already been implemented successfully at our clients and can be implemented within 24 hours. 

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Remote Monitoring

Solutions to keep care receivers safe at home are needed. The need is addressed with equipment, forms and communication tools designed for elderly users, for remote monitoring of patients’ vitals and other indicators – including decision making tools that can identify patients in need of remote care or healthcare by a mobile team or intensive care at a hospital.

  • Digital home care, with communication tools and equipment for at home measuring and wireless transfer of vitals in real-time. CareBuilder provides an easy to understand package, designed for frail elderly and multi-chronic disease patients, including tools for measuring and transferring vitals in real-time such as pulse, blood pressure, temperature, saturation, general condition and medication.

  • CareBuilder’s lifestyle monitoring sensors and algorithm remotely checks the wellbeing of care receivers. Care organisations receive alerts when no movement has been detected for an extended period, when a care receiver is laying in bed all day or when they are up all night.

  • Clinically proven decision support tool for professionals. CareBuilder’s provides a solution helping care teams prioritise the care receivers with the greatest needs, by monitoring and analyzing vitals and lifestyle patterns. 


  • Adherence to medication can be facilitated by sending medication reminders and monitoring if the medication is taken. Care organisations receive alerts when medication is not taken.

  • CareBuilder’s IoT Wearable and e-Smartwatch ensures safety of the independent elderly by signalling caregivers, professionals and family irregularities in the care receivers vitals, steps, location and falls.


  • Mental health issues are increasing amongst young, adults and elderly due to the covid-19 pandemic. CareBuilder offers a solution to combat these issues such as prevention and treatment through caregivers as well as self-care. CareBuilder’s Client Portal offers self-care tools helping individuals handle midl signs of stress, anxiety and worries. 

Mobile teams

Mobile teams are deployed when face-to-face care is necessary but hospital care can be avoided. Solutions include equipment, prioritisation and decision support, secure communication, video support, resource coordinations and tools for the care receiver (self-care and communication).

  • Easy Access to care plans, information and systems. Our app offers carers instant  access to daily schedules, client notes, procedural notes increasing productivity and maximising care time onsite.

  • Automated Backup Protocols: Protocols can be set up automatically to check availability by Location, Care Or Emergency Type. Removing the need to manually ring around to find someone who is available.

  • Reduced admin time: Through responding via our app, carers can update records dynamically and increase care and reduce admin hours.

  • Better onsite triage: Video capabilities on the app, enable speedy access to support in an emergency or to cope with difficult situations.

Secure Online Communication between Care Receivers and Caregivers

Avoiding physical interaction as much as possible is of essence during the covid-19 pandemic. CareBuilder offers a solution for secure online communication between care receivers and healthcare professionals. 

  • CareBuilder offers an immediate and secure communication tool that doesn’t require complex system integration, to connect care receivers and caregivers. All communication is encrypted. Care receivers communicate with caregivers, healthcare professionals and family using the Client App. Caregivers and others receive the Caregiver App or the Real-time Care Response Centre to (video) call care receivers and colleagues.

  • CareBuilder enables all users to remain in contact via video, online audio phone (SIP) or device - depending on needs and capabilities.

Reallocating Personnel

Vast numbers of healthcare personnel are currently being reallocated for combating the covid-19 pandemic, making sure their competences are up to date for the new duties is of essence.

  • Competency mapping, self-assessment and e-learning platform for caregivers which facilitates the reallocation of staff where most needed. CareBuilder offers base-level self-assessments, training plans and outcome reporting in order to assure solid capability management.

  • (Re)assign staff to another location to ensure appropriate coverage.

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