Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

Our clients provide award-winning home and care services to thousands of elderly people and patients with chronic conditions, disabilities and in rehabilitation programs. We leverage smart devices, a real-time triage & response protocol engine, and cloud-based portals and apps to bring caregivers and their customers closer together, increase efficiency in housing and care and improve care outcomes and quality of life. With our solution they work and live as independently as possible: always safe, connected and supported!

All your devices on one platform

CareBuilder integrates any open-standard device or monitoring system and has already integrated hundreds of third-party devices, from home and personal safety and smart home to e-Health.

  • Set up and manage countless devices and related triage and response protocols in an intuitive drag-and-drop environment, without any IT skills and deploy smart devices quickly
  • Determine relevance of data from devices and ensure the right response and eliminate false positives
  • Manage proliferation of eHealth applications and other home and personal safety devices from one platform

Caregivers can do all of the above with CareBuilder without continuous reliance on IT resources. This enables housing and care organisations to realize considerable savings and tailor services better and faster to the needs of individual customers.

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Carebuilder innovative care technology

All in one triage & response platform

Real-time triage, escalation & response protocols

CareBuilder’s real-time differentiated triage ensures the right match between a care request and responder by matching  qualifications, distance and availability, based on your organisation’s policies. All within a drag & drop content management system, without programming skills!

When, for example, clients or informal carers can take responsibility for a given task, time from highly qualified healthcare professionals is saved that can be used where it is really needed.

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Mobile App for caregivers & service providers

Caregivers receive alerts or requests from their customers on their Caregiver App. Caregivers also use the Caregiver App to:

  • View task instructions
  • Open smart door locks
  • View relevant information about customers, alerts & requests
  • Automatically complete administrative work such as time registration, status updates and care history
  • Communicate directly with customers & colleagues via video & voice call

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Mobile App for caregivers & service providers

Touchscreen Customer Portal

Touchscreen Customer Portal

A tailor-made touchscreen home hub for care customers:

  • Enable users to live more independent
  • Communicate with caregivers, family and friends via (video) calls, text, email and social media
  • Content and services deployed modularly depending on situation and changing needs of individual customers
  • By integrating smart devices / apps we added functions around safety, assisted living, smart home, lifestyle, long-term care, eHealth, digital & social inclusion, entertainment and well-being
  • Introduced with great success for customers with little or no experience with internet or digital tools and for those with learning or other psychological and physical disabilities

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Care Management Portal

The Care Management Portal is a Platform for continuous improvement & personalisation of care:

  • Tailor services, digital content, triage and response protocols for specific locations, groups of customers or individual patients
  • Get a complete oversight and control of smart devices, content and services deployed to individuals and groups of customers
  • Deploy, assign & manage smart devices remotely
  • Intuitive, drag & drop environment for operating and innovation managers – no IT skills needed!

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Innovative Care Management Portal

CareBuilder - key facts


Increase in staff satisfaction

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Increased in client satisfaction

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Reduction in  administration time



Users across the platform

Growing installed base


Care organisations

Operating across European countries


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Proven scalability


We currently serve forty housing and care organisations in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, with projects in other countries.

Our clients include large organisations providing services across multiple locations to elderly people and patients with chronic conditions and in rehabilitation programs. Our clients have deployed the CareBuilder platform in inpatient care, care homes and care at home situations.

We work closely with care organisations to deliver innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions ranging from home and personal safety, smart home and well-being to complex care.


About us, about Carebuilder.

Where we are

We are an international firm with offices currently in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain. We are expanding our presence in Europe and in other regions, and our cloud-based platform can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Our highly qualified team of software developers and change managers bring extensive expertise from healthcare, information technology, management consulting, manufacturing and direct-to-consumer service sectors. Our team has over 100 years’ combined experience in healthcare device integration, transactional software and application development. They are focused on continuous development of a state of the art platform which provides stability, security and interoperability to healthcare organisations anywhere in the world. We would be delighted to hear from you and find out how we can help.

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