About CareBuilder

About CareBuilder
Founded in 1999 CareBuilder has grown to an international company with offices currently in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Spain. We are expanding our presence in Europe and other regions, as our cloud-based platform can be delivered anywhere worldwide.

Our mission
We share a common passion for smart new technology that helps bring people closer together and connect them. Our mission is to support vulnerable people to lead a fuller, meaningful and more independent life and to help caregivers with digital technology to work more efficient and enjoy their profession.

Extensive experience with a start-up mentality
Our highly qualified team of software developers and change managers brings extensive expertise from healthcare, information technology, management consulting, manufacturing and direct-to-consumer service sectors. CareBuilder offers 100+ years combined experience in healthcare, personal and home safety device integration, transactional software and application development, with a start-up mentality.

Next generation care
Committed to excellence, we focus on the continuous development of a state-of-the-art platform which provides stability, security and interoperability to healthcare organisations, so they can deliver next generation care. Anytime, anywhere.

I am John Vermeulen, the founder and CEO of CareBuilder.

I manage a diverse team of people who share a common passion for new smart technology that helps bring people closer together and that connects people and smart things. My satisfaction comes from seeing how vulnerable people can have fuller and more independent lives, and how caregivers can enjoy their work and be more efficient, with the help of digital technology.

HQ The Netherlands
Delflandlaan 1
1062 EA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 669 00 07


CareBuilder UK Ltd.
1 Ropemaker Street
London, EC2Y 9HT
United Kingdom
T +44 20 3519 7717