Solutions for better care,
enhanced safety and independent living.

Fernando is Managing Partner at CareBuilder and has over twenty years experience leading complex transformation programmes and applying digital technology in direct-to-consumer environments across the healthcare, financial services and FMCG sectors. After twenty years working with large corporates at a senior level, Fernando decided to partner with CareBuilder to apply smart technology to improve care.


“When my grandfather suffered a stroke, he went on to live another ten years whilst receiving care at home, from my grandmother as well as their children and professional carers. A physiotherapist visited once a week for thirty minutes and the rest of the week my grandfather slowly passed away. I understood then that care at home should be a lot better: care should be delivered when the patient needs it rather than wait until the next consult! For the large majority of people, this is only possible if we leverage remote care models enabled by smart devices & communication technologie.”

Fernando is married to a doctor and one of his brothers is a surgeon. This has given him exposure to challenges and opportunities caregivers face in delivering the personal care that patients need.

“Smart tech offers a huge opportunity to healthcare organisations, their staff and the people they serve. Beyond generating substantial revenue & cost efficiencies, technology in healthcare can bring people closer together and ensure caregivers as well as clients are always safe, connected and supported. Caregivers who spend more time on delivering personal care and less time on admin and wasted travel enjoy their work more. Patients and the elderly benefit from care delivered when it matters, ideally in the comfort of their own homes.”