Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

CareBuilder offers high quality video and VoIP communication for clients, caregivers, family and volunteers. CareBuilder uses multiple devices, such as smartphones, touchscreen tablets, IP cameras, video intercoms and smartwatches.

Caregivers use the Caregiver App and the Call Centre Portal to (video) call colleagues, volunteers, clients and their families. This is used, among other things, to remotely carry out medication checks, evaluate the situation of a client in relation to a personal alarm, and to consult with a colleague.

Clients have a very user-friendly mobile address book in the Client Portal. With one press on a picture of a loved one or caregiver they can start a video or VoIP conversation.

Significant improvements in digital participation (from 33% to 79%), social inclusion, independence and mental well-being for patients with physical and cognitive disabilities followed with the introduction of CareBuilder to Blackwood Homes & Care, according to an independent report from the Carnegie UK Trust commissioned by the Scottish government.

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