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When it comes to providing long-term care to patients at home or in care facilities, safety is the most basic requirement. Unfortunately, safety solutions are too often poorly integrated into care processes within care organisations. Fire and smoke systems are often separate from care & support systems that caregivers use to view and manage care tasks throughout the day.

CareBuilder has helped many healthcare organisations integrate safety devices and protocols enabling detection and follow up in a wide range of situations.


A task or series of tasks is generated real-time and enriched with relevant information such as nature of alarm of signal, urgency, location and the need for certain qualified staff. Any device or intelligent signal-processing system can be managed within the CareBuilder platform to trigger follow-up tasks. Many of the industry-leading safety, smart home, health monitoring devices and communication protocols are already integrated in the platform – e.g. ESPA firefighting & notification systems, Mobotix camera’s and Kadex’s access and alarm systems, to name a few.


CareBuilder matches tasks to appropriate safety personnel and/or caregivers real-time, based on your organisations’ policies and factors such as availability, location or type of resource. When clients or their families are able to take an active role in performing certain tasks, e.g. in the evenings or on weekends, matching and escalation protocols within the platform ensure they are involved as appropriate, saving precious time from your organisation’s scarce resources.


Care tasks are continuously ‘broadcasted’ to appropriate caregivers along with relevant information concerning the nature of the situation and related task, instructions, location and contact details. Caregivers receive requests on the CareBuilder smartphone app, which they use to accept tasks.


The CareBuilder app includes many features designed to support caregivers when performing a task. Caregivers use the CareBuilder app to video-call clients, enabling many tasks to be performed remotely – from assessing a situation and giving immediate advice, to making appointments, pushing instructions or carrying four eyes controls of medicine intake. If the situation calls for help, caregivers use the app to connect to colleagues via video or voice calls, or send out an alarm requesting help. The CareBuilder app further enables caregivers to open electronic doors locks, automatically register time spent on tasks, and record important information for dossier-forming.


Caregivers use the CareBuilder app to report task status and other relevant information. This real-time information is continuously ‘broadcasted’ and used by care staff and by management to manage productivity, response times and quality of care. During particularly busy periods or in urgent situations, CareBuilder’s central admin portal helps operating managers with assigning staff more effectively to hotspots.

Evaluation & Improve

CareBuilder offers an intuitive drag-and-drop environment for caregivers and operating managers, which enables them to change triage and escalation protocols and immediately embed them in the organisation’s way of working. Protocols can be customised to meet the needs of specific locations, groups of patients, smart devices, days of the week or even individual patients. This is a powerful tool for innovation and continuous improvement.

Ensure that your care organisation works systematically and methodically.