Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

The care needs of the elderly and of patients with physical limitations often go beyond qualified nursing and medical care. They include assistance with performing physical tasks, transportation,  completing important paperwork or going out regularly for walks and visits to friends. Services attending to these needs are often provided by family, friends or local volunteer organisations. These services are critical to ensuring the elderly and patients with limited mobility can continue to give their lives purpose and live as independently as possible: always safe, connected and supported.


Mary (76) lives alone in a serviced apartment. Mary’s health condition has begun to affect her mobility and her ability to perform certain physical tasks. Mary is not good with computers and the Internet, but she has learned to use the CareBuilder Client Portal, which has been populated with content and services especially for her. Today Mary is receiving friends for dinner and she wants to order a delivery from her favourite local takeaway. Via de Client Portal on her touchscreen device, Mary finds her favourite take way under the Icon ‘Local Convenience Services’ and order the items she desires to serve her guests.


CareBuilder’s real-time triage engine matches Mary’s request to the local takeaway, without unnecessarily encumbering a nurse or other health professional. CareBuilder matches all requests for assistance with appropriate service provides and caregivers – this could be the local taxi company, the local bakery, a family member or a nurse, depending on the situation, the organisations’ policies and factors such as availability and location of appropriately qualified resources.


As with other care tasks, requests for assistance are ‘broadcasted’ by CareBuilder to the appropriate service personnel or external provider, along with relevant information concerning the nature of the situation and related task, instructions, customer location and contact details. CareBuilder offers a number of communication options to ensure connectivity: phone call, email, social media such as WhatApp, SMS or push messages within the CareBuilder Apps. Because the local take way delivers regularly to residents in Mary’s service flat, they have downloaded the CareBuilder portal to their device and have been given an service provider account. The take away receives the request via the CareBuilder portal and accepts the request – automatically letting Mary and her caregivers know that her request has been picked up.


Later that evening, the local take away delivery arrives at Mary’s home. When they ring the bell, Mary can see who’s standing in front of the door, either on the Intercom or from her CareBuilder touchscreen tablet. From the tablet she remotely unlocks the door to let the delivery person into the building. Any smart home device or application can be integrated into the CareBuilder platform and managed in a similar manner.


If an alarm is raised by a patient or by a safety or health monitoring device, CareBuilder automatically records the follow up actions taken by caregivers, including video calls or other communication, response times and any additional notes taken by the caregiver. In this example, the take away manager updates the task status to ‘done’ via the CareBuilder portal on his device, and closes off the task. This real-time information is continuously ‘broadcasted’ and used by care staff and by management to manage productivity, response times and quality of services. Additionally, this information is transferred to the organisation’s systems for managing payments to the take away, declarations to insurers and staff payroll.

Evaluation & Improve

Over time, the organisation may decide to alter devices, services and care protocols for any number of reasons, e.g.: residents may wish to add a taxi service to take them to church on Sundays, or a volunteer organisation that organises trips to local parks and musea. to their options. In a few simple steps within CareBuilder’s drag & drop management system, the new services are added to the system and made available to residents within the CareBuilder Client Portal. Service providers may download the CareBuilder Caregiver App or Portal to their devices to communicate with residents and manage requests. CareBuilder automatically embeds the changes in the organisation’s way of working – ensuring compliance with protocols at all times. Protocols can be customised to meet the needs of specific locations, groups of patients, smart devices, days of the week or even individual patients. This is a powerful tool for innovation, continuous improvement and individualisation of care.