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Caregiver Mobile App

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Empowering the Care Giver

When an alert or request is generated by a customer on her tablet or by a motion detector, bed-side or e-Health device or application, caregivers receive care these alerts and requests on CareBuilder’s mobile app.


  • Video call with clients & colleagues
  • Voice call to clients & colleagues – VOIP to CareBuilder portals or telephone line
  • Initiate (automatic) video call following alarm & intercom
  • Medication four-eyes check incl. audit trail
  • See which colleagues are available and online

Work Management

  • Receive & accept care requests, alerts & alarms real time
  • See planned care tasks and agenda
  • View rich content such as task intruction manuals and videos or patient reports
  • Update task & alert status real time, in the app or by scanning NFC tags
  • Refer tasks to colleagues or create a new tasks
  • View & update patient / task reports
  • Plan new appointments
  • Manage own agenda

Location & Access

  • Open door locks during home visits
  • Manage authorizations for personnel incl. replacement & temporary staff
  • See exact location of [wandering] customers and view route to customers on map
  • View exact location of clients or available colleagues on map
  • See which colleagues are available on a particular floor, department or building


  • Log in / out with simple & secure login protocols (options include two-step verication, staff NFC-tags, etc.)
  • Automatically write time spent on care tasks
  • Registration of care history / task reports
  • Video recordings for audit & compliance
  • Manage response times and productivity

Device Management

  • Activate devices and assign them to customers in seconds with the help of QR codes or tags
  • Monitor battery & on/offline status of customer devices and receive alerts
  • Manage smart home / domotica devices remotely