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CareBuilder Client Portal

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Through a tailor-made touchscreen home hub, care customers communicate with care professionals, informal carers, family and friends. Additionally, customers have access to personalised services and content, which are deployed depending on the situation and needs of care givers and their clients.

The home hub has been introduced with great success, also for clients who have little or no experience with the Internet or digital tools and with clients who have learning difficulties or other mental and physical limitations. Reminders, information, video consultations, advice and client support are delivered via the home hub. By integrating smart devices and apps on the platform, we have added a series of functions on prevention and long-term care (eHealth), safety, smart home, information, digital and social inclusion, entertainment and well-being. These covering the full range of care needs.

A tailor-made touchscreen home hub for care customers


  • Alerts & request for help – a prominent ‘Help’ button is a core feature in the touchscreen home hub
  • Place outgoing video call, VOIP, call to telephone lines, email, social media
  • Accept incoming video call, VOIP, messages
  • Following a request for help, authorised caregivers may initiate a video or voice call via the customer’s home hub device, without additional consent from the customer

Service requests

  • Assisted living – request help from authorised service providers e.g. cleaning, help with shopping, gardening, pets, help from a handyman, transport to the church
  • Care requests – request specific help from caregivers e.g. online advice from physiotherapist when performing daily exercises

Personal content & entertainment

  • Internet content e.g. news service, church webcast, favourite YouTube videos
  • Online gaming e.g. with friends & family
  • Family photos, videos and other documents

Care Content

  • Push content for care clients including information concerning their condition and therapy, scheduled therapy videos, procedure instructions, medication guides
  • Make content available in clearly marked folders (e.g. from the homehub by clicking on Care and on My Physiotherapy icons) or push it along with items and reminders in the customer’s agenda
  • Online content e.g. links to informative Internet sites


  • Patients’ contacts including caregivers, family, friends, volunteers
  • Contacts are available via clear icons with photos and names; from here care customers can initiate video and voice calls or send messages with just a couple of clicks
All your devices on one integrated platform.

Agenda & reminders

  • Add reminders and appointments to personal agenda
  • Review items added by caregivers or authorised family members


  • Receive reminders for taking measurements or medication
  • Follow on-screen instructions – e.g. for how to place and operate an e-Health device, or what to do when a reading seems out of range
  • Activate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled e-Health devices from touchscreen home hub
  • Read measurements taken by smart e-Health devices

Smart home

  • Intercom – From the touchscreen tablet, see live image of person at front door and unlock door to allow entry;
  • Control lighting, heating, blinds;
  • Open door from touchscreen hub;
  • Control sink risers and other adaptive furniture