Real-time Care Response Centre

Get a continuous visual overview of every caregiver and care receiver. View the person’s planned care with all related information, including the history, documents, assigned devices and social ecosystem.

Precision management of individual care

+ Provide remote-first support to clients and caregivers (video, voice, email and text)

+ Control smart devices remotely & push content
(instructions, physiotherapy videos etc.)

+ (Re)schedule appointments and schedule reminders

+ Locate care receivers, caregivers and other resources

Plan, review and report

+ Use a real-time dashboard with incoming alerts & requests and planned care tasks

+ Assign alarms & tasks to the nearest available resource – automatic notification and escalation if no response

+ Review recorded emergency response video and voice calls (authorised staff)

+ Generate real-time custom reports & charts

Manage quality and productivity

+ View activity reports and manage productivity, response times, and quality of service

+ Find colleagues on duty, available & logged in on any given location with specific roles

+ Push content to field staff e.g. task-related instructions, training materials, policies

+ (Re)assign staff to another location to ensure appropriate coverage

Two Month Trial

The proof is in the pudding; experience how CareBuilder will bring your care business to a new level. With a 2 month trial period and a minimum of investment, CareBuilder builds your own use case.

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