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Colin Foskett, Innovation Manager at Blackwood Homes & Care, and Fernando Hagel Franco, Director at CareBuilder, gave a presentation about innovation in night-time care at the TSA International Technology Enabled Care Conference.

Blackwood ran a successful pilot over the course of 2016/2017 and has since rolled out its new night-time care model across Scotland. CareBuilder helped Blackwood tackle overreliance on sleepovers in individual home settings by providing an alternative night-time contact point, remote support and technology-enabled care. The programme has enabled Blackwood to replace 365 sleepovers with an average of 16 physical visits and 268 short videocalls per customer per year! This generated savings of 40% on the costs of night-time care during the pilot phase, even before the programme was scaled up. John, a customer of Blackwood with severe disabilities, is enjoying his new independence: “I can now watch the football late at night and I know there is always someone there if I need support.”

According to Colin, the new night-time care model offers a sustainable response to the projected increases in demand for night-time support and the chronic shortage of qualified care professionals.

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