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Actiz has delivered a report to the Dutch Parliament on “Innovation in Care & Cure“. Actiz has conducted research on how care organisations are successfully using technology to improve the quality of care. The publication highlights the innovation taking place at Topaz Revitel, an organisation offering a wide variety of rehabilitation programmes and based in Leiden, The Netherlands. Topaz has worked with iQare, a partner of CareBuilder, to implement a complete solution for rehabilitation.

Increasing patients’ self-reliance during rehabilitation with the help of digital technology

Topaz offers their patients a wealth of digital content on a touchscreen Client Portal and actively encourages patients to use this to become more self-reliant faster. The Client Portal, part of CareBuilder’s cloud-based platform, includes a large collection of instruction videos for therapy exercises, which patients regularly follow between sessions with therapists. A Relaxation Module allows rehabilitating patients to read the newspaper, solve a puzzle, listen to live radio or watch a movie. In the Information Module patients can look up information in their own time about their condition and how to manage it. Topics on offer include helpful tips for patients returning home e.g. advice concerning adaptations to the home or to one’s lifestyle, advice on how to apply for care at home services, useful websites and other sources of information. Physiotherapists and other care professionals at Topaz manage the content that patients see on the Client Portal, making use of CareBuilder’s intuitive, drag-and-drop Care Management Portal.


Topaz continuing innovation with CareBuilder’s Nurse Call System and smart triage engine

CareBuilder’s Client Portal allows patients to send specific service requests as well as alarms from their touchscreen tablets – e.g. help with going to the bathroom, a glass of water, or a question regarding their infuse. Depending on the nature and urgency of the request, CareBuilder’s real-time triage ensures it is sent to the smartphones of the relevant staff.

Following an initial pilot, employees at Topaz were very pleased with the new Nurse Call system, because not every question is urgent, and not every request needs to be attended to by healthcare professionals. Topaz made an inventory of the most common questions and requests from patients. Healthcare professionals then placed service ‘buttons’ on the Client Portal available on patients’ touchscreen devices. Patients simply click on these buttons to request a meal, to report feeling pain, or to ask a question about a ergotherapy exercise. The request is immediately forwarded to the right person e.g. hospitality staff, ward nurses or the responsible therapist. This allows Topaz to prioritise tasks more effectively and deploy staff more efficiently.