Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

Blackwood has been delivering high quality care for people with a range of disabilities for over 40 years and has over 1500 homes. Blackwood is using CareBuilder to optimally coordinate & communicate between all the stakeholders in planned & ad hoc care.

Since the initial implementation in 2015, CareBuilder has supported Blackwood in expanding the scope of the deployed features, as well as rolling out the solution further within the Blackwood population. Blackwood has enabled a range of services for its customers:

  • Prevention and long-term care (eHealth)
  • Security
  • Care & assisted living
  • Smart home functionalities
  • Information
  • Digital and social inclusion
  • Entertainment & well-being

An independent report commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust was launched on the 30th of October 2018 by Kate Forbes, minister for public finance and digital economy at the Scottish Parliament, with cross party support. The report focuses on the implementation for an initial group of Blackwood customers in 2015, with a survey being done before the implementation and again three months after the implementation.


Profile of study respondents:
-70% had a physical disability;
-45% had cognitive impairment.

Findings of survey of the initial implementation 2015:


Efficiency Savings

  • Staff saved approximately five minutes per visit on administrative tasks;
  • 50% savings in time spent on administration.


Increased digital participation

  • Customers using the Internet rose from 33% to 79%;
  • 74% of customers said their internet use had changed.

Improved Independence & Reduced social isolation

  • 35% of customers reported that their personal sense of independence had increased with remainder reporting no change;
  • Qualitative research with Blackwood staff indicated that customer’s social time had increased.


Increased time spent on meaningful activities

  • 36% of respondents reported spending more time on hobbies;
  • Customer reported that is was easier finding out about sports, entertainment and leisure activities in the local area.


Improved mental wellbeing

  • Life satisfaction rose from 6.7 to 7.6, matching national average;
  • Largest increase in life satisfaction (age 55-64) from 6.6 to 8.3;
  • Subjective happiness: 53% of customers reporting being happier;
  • Percentage of customers reporting boredom (sometimes or always) decreased from 62% to 27%;
  • Percentage of customers feeling worried (sometimes or always) fell from 90% to 48%.


Health self-management improved

  • Number of customers regularly accessing health information online more than doubled;
  • Number of customers that reported finding the health information useful also almost doubled (Many CareBuilder features were not yet enabled at the time e.g. medication prompts, monitoring devices).


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