IoT Carewatch

The IoT Carewatch is a wearable personal alarm, service and activity device. Connected directly to the Wi-Fi network, it is capable of sending out one alarm and one service request. Designed for anyone who needs an extra level of 24/7 support at the touch of a button.

When the button is pressed, an alarm will be sent out according to a predefined protocol. Tapping two times on the watch will send out a request for a predefined service. 


When the alarm or request for service has been received by our platform, the IoT-Watch will show a green light, giving the client the reassurance that help is underway.

The IoT watch offers many benefits:

+ Reliable alarms and service requests

Connects directly to the Wi-Fi network with a fallback protocol

+ Easy setup with the caregiver app

Quickly assign users and services to the


+ Personalisable

Clients choose colour, strap and how they wear it (wrist, pendant, belt)

+ Long battery life
Holds a charge for a whole month

+ Excellent connectivity
Comparable to most current Smartphones

+ CE certified

Quality guaranteed

IoT Add-on

The IoT Add-on can be placed on any device to make it IoT. The IoT Add-on connects directly to the WiFi and is frequently used in connection with a pull cord or big alarm button. Once the pull cord has been pulled, an alert will be sent to the right caregiver. The IoT Add-on can be placed on multiple devices to receive alerts from these devices.

Two Month Trial

The proof is in the pudding; experience how CareBuilder will bring your care business to a new level. With a 2 month trial period and a minimum of investment, CareBuilder builds your own use case.

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