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Information & Content

CareBuilder enables housing and healthcare organisations to provide relevant information and digital content to clients and staff.

Caregivers can view instructional videos, news messages, patient information and care history on the Caregiver App and on the Call Centre Portal. 

Clients who use the Client Portal get access to all kinds of instructional videos, information pages, news messages and Internet content. The selection of online content can simply be personalised with CareBuilder’s drag-and-drop, intuitive Content Management System. Examples include health-related information sources, instructions on measuring blood pressure, tips on healthy eating, the local bus timetable, restaurant opening times and daily menus.

Caregivers can also push content to clients and colleagues at any time. When e.g. a client is performing a therapy exercise and does not understand the exercise, they can send a request to a caregiver. The caregiver can then ‘push’ an instruction video remotely to their Client Portal.

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