Solutions for better care,
enhanced safety and independent living.

Building the future - the platform for personalisation and continuous innovation in care

We believe our clients should be in control of their innovation and daily care processes. CareBuilder provides cloud-based, drag-and-drop management tools, apps and portals to enable you create smart, safe and integrated care and support solutions. This includes a wide selection of tested and approved third-party devices, related services and alert response templates for a large number of home, safety and telecare applications. Additionally you can use our integrated portals and Content Management System to create your own custom content and services. We help in the initial implementation where needed – e.g. with a training, advice with selection of monitoring and safety devices or integration of your existing devices, support with initial use cases and with process & organisational change. Further you can rely on our 24/7 support service – we understand how critical our platform is for our clients and their customers well-being.

When it comes to patient data, we are clear that it belongs to patients and, under consent, to the home and care organisations CareBuilder works with.


Tailored solutions…


… with the cost and speed of standardised solutions

Project development

Project development

  • Basic security, intercom / door lock, home automation, services & care
  • Integrated suite of solutions, open source ecosystem
  • Extension of services based on the needs of [groups of] clients, care teams or locations
  • Plug it, connect it & assign user – without ICT intervention
  • New or existing systems
  • Wi-Fi / IoT, GSM / 4G, zWave, Bluetooth
  • Support with project & change management, training & delivery
  • Low TCO SaaS (Software as a Service)


Long-term & rehabilitation care


Long-term & rehabilitation care

  • Safety, smart home, assistance, lifestyle, care & eHealth tailored for a warm home
  • Engaged care team as well as family, external service providers and client
  • Flexible staffing and involvement of client, friends & family
  • Triage protocols and task track-and-trace for systematic methodical work practices 
  • Triage protocols that leverage benefits of local and small-scale teams
  • Escalation protocols that leverage the benefits of a larger organization
  • More and better informed customer contact, focus on providing care
  • Less time on admin, accurate & real-time file creation & time registration
  • Remote healthcare and assistance
  • Less traveling and less wasted visits to patients
  • Flexibility to constantly improve, innovate & personalise  
  • Proven templates & content, drag-and-drop CMS  

We work to make your work more efficient



Safety, Smart Home, Lifestyle, Care & e-Health



From living assistance, convenience & care to e-health device management & triggers protocols



You can define your own protocols, or start with templates we have developed with our existing clients



That is how many hours you need to start integrating your own devices, services, content and triage & escalation protocols.

Low total cost of ownership

Ensuring a low Total Cost of Ownership for our clients is key to our philosophy and product design: 

  • Focus on Android & Google Chrome (other operating systems also possible);
  • Drag & drop environment for care managers (eliminating over reliance on IT resources); 
  • Simple installation and configuration of devices – plug it, connect it & assign user, with no burden on IT resources
  • IoT converters for existing analogue/cable devices (so care organisations don’t have to throw away older, still working devices);
  • Our own MDM solution based on Android’s EMM platform – allowing remote management of devices, apps and in-app policies.
More about low TCO on our Technology page

Modular pricing

We do not have a one-size-fits-all pricing policy. License and use fees are based on the combination and volume of services, apps, portals and devices deployed by our clients. Some clients prefer predictability over flexibility and choose to buy e.g. a fixed number of licenses for the Caregiver App. Other clients prefer some level of variable pricing and choose to pay per use – paying less when there are fewer users on the platform on a given month/quarter. Based on your set of requirements, we are quick to provide an offer accordingly.