How CareBuilder Works

CareBuilder has dedicated apps for care receivers, caregivers, family, support staff and managers: receive access to the resources and people needed at any time and at any location. 


Re-Active, Pro-Active & Pre-Active Tasks

Tasks originate through the following events:


All alarms & requests that are sent after an action / reaction
(e.g. when a care receiver presses the alarm-button on her e-Watch)


All tasks that are planned to be done at a specific time
(e.g. a weekly wellbeing check-up to see how a someone is doing)


All alerts that are being sent after a suspected emergency
(e.g. when no activity has been detected for a while)



A complete cycle of support

CareBuilder has developed a structured methodology called TMcare® that guides the work of teams managing and providing care. TMcare® ensures that care tasks are optimally structured from beginning to end.










A tasks comes from care receivers, colleagues or smart technology: Pro-Active, Re-Active or Pre-Active


Intelligent dynamic matching protocols selects the best caregivers to take on the tasks


A caregiver takes responsibility for the task and connects & communicates with the receiver


Caregivers provide services remotely or on-site, equipped with all the information they need


Key data of care services are recorded, enabling live dashboards, KPI reports and audit trails


The quality of services, procedures and resources is assessed using detailed documentation of services


Saas Ecosytem with No-risk Licensing

CareBuilder is a Care SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that connects every stakeholder in your organisation through tailor-made applications connected to the SaaS server.

Ready to use.png

Ready to use

Installation requires only an internet connection and a log-in. It can be made ready for use in minutes using CareBuilder’s extensive drag & drop content and service library.

We do the upgrading

CareBuilder clients can simply log on using an internet browser or mobile apps, to already upgraded services. Care organisations are never stuck with unsupported licenses or technologies.

Guaranteed performance

With most traditional systems, your organisation does not get a performance guarantee. CareBuilder guarantees applications will be available 99.95% of the time.


Two Month Trial

The proof is in the pudding; experience how CareBuilder will bring your care business to a new level. With a 2 month trial period and a minimum of investment, CareBuilder builds your own use case.

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