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Wellbeing services

The well-being of clients ensures that they live longer, promotes recovery, gives wider positive results and influences the mental health of caregivers. 

CareBuilder gives care receivers access to personal wellbeing services, entertainment, regular physical and social activities and enables them to communicate with friends and family through the Client Portal. For example, a patient with severe autism at a healthcare organisation in the UK now orders a pizza with ease from his own home. At another healthcare institution in the Netherlands, a request for a glass of water is automatically sent to a hostess, rather than to a highly qualified nurse. Elderly people from another organization can request specific services such as domestic help, transportation, or an appointment with the hairdresser.

The Client Portal also offers access to a wide range of online content. This content includes: 

  • Online news and entertainment – this can be Internet content and / or news from the housing organization or healthcare institution) 

  • Film & music incl. Online radio and streaming video/TV

  • Fitness lessons, yoga sessions, pilates videos, meditation videos

  • Tips about healthy eating, brushing your teeth, etc.

This content can be personalised according to the needs of each client by using CareBuilder’s Care Management System. Via the Client Portal, it is also possible to book personal trainers or ask questions directly to the right caregiver.

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