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Staff paging ensures fast and efficient alerts in your emergency response organisation. The course of a calamity is determined by the ability to communicate quickly and adequately and to have strong control over the response of your emergency response team members.

With CareBuilder you can easily and automatically send texts and information to the Caregiver App that is relevant to emergency responders such as location and nature of the emergency.

Sending alarm messages

The alarm messages can be sent manually or automatically. Automated alarms are sent based on predefined scenarios and escalation protocols. A scenario is set in motion by a fire alarm system, by a caregiver via the Caregiver App or another linked system. Messages are automatically sent to an emergency response team member or to a group.

Receive, manage and adjust alarm messages

The alarm messages arrive as push messages on the smartphones of your caregivers via the Caregiver App, via IVR messages and / or via email. In addition, messages arrive in the Call Centre Portal, a real-time dashboard that shows, among other things, which in-house emergency responders are online, where they are located, whether they have read the message and have taken responsibility for tasks, and the required follow-up actions. Alarm messages can also be sent to external systems, such as fire panels, the emergency doors and evacuation alarms.

Caregivers can remotely take responsibility for an alarm via the Caregiver App, the IVR system or online.

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