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Personal Alerts

Safety is a basic requirement when providing long-term care to patients at home or healthcare institutions. With CareBuilder’s personal alert system, alerts can be sent within reach, inside and outside, day and night.


Alerts can easily be sent by the client through different devices: 

  • CareBuilder’s touchscreen Client Portal 
  • CareBuilder’s SmartWatch App (Inside and outside)
  • GSM Alerts (Inside and outside) 
  • Portable Alert Buttons via Wi-Fi or Smart Technology 
  • Pull chords 
  • Smart Technology
  • Pendant alerts

CareBuilder is device and supplier independent. Any open-standard alerts device can be managed within the CareBuilder platform to generate alerts. It is also possible to integrate your existing alert systems and devices to the CareBuilder platform so that they do not have to be purchased again.

Alerts are sent with differentiated smart triage and are enriched with relevant information such as the nature of the alert, urgency, location and the need for specifically qualified personnel. These alerts are then received at the Call Centre Portal, the Caregiver App, or the Family App. It is also possible to receive alerts through email, mobile phone (IVR) or SMS messages.

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