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Loneliness is an increasingly important issue for the elderly and those living with chronic conditions and long-term disabilities. For long-term care organisations like Blackwood Homes & Care, CareBuilder was a centrepiece of their successful strategy for reducing loneliness. Fighting loneliness requires a systematic and multi-faceted approach. People’s well-being benefits greatly from easy access to entertainment, digital inclusion, regular physical and social activity, and from communication with caregivers, family and friends.

According to an independent report commissioned by Carnegie UK Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government, the percentage of customers using the Internet at Blackwood rose from 33% to 79% in the three months following the implementation of CareBuilder. The percentage of customers reporting boredom (sometimes or always) decreased from 62% to 27%, and 36% of customers reported spending more time on hobbies. 53% of customers reporting being happier, and the percentage of customers feeling worried fell from 90% to 48%.


One of the key features of the CareBuilder platform when it comes to fighting loneliness, is the flexibility it offers caregivers, volunteers and family to personalise digital content, online access to services and even personal alert and monitoring devices to the specific and changing needs of [groups of] individuals. Caregivers and social workers at Topaz, Blackwood and SOL Connect are doing this today without the need for any programming skills, using CareBuilder’s intuitive Care Management Portal to manage content and services available on customers’ Client Portal remotely.

Some of the other features CareBuilder offers to organisations fighting loneliness include:

  • the ability to video-call family and friends
  • allow authorised family members to share photos and other content with their loved one
  • enable caregivers to create and manage care, social and activity plans with ease


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