Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

CareBuilder’s real-time triage ensures the right match between care request and care provider by matching e.g. qualifications, distance and availability (all without programming skills!). This allows them quickly to adapt protocols to reflect any number of factors:

  • current staffing levels on different floors or at different locations
  • extent to which family, friends, volunteers or other service providers can take direct responsibility for certain tasks
  • reducing false positive alerts from devices
  • patient’s ability to take on certain tasks
  • responder specialisms and qualifications, language skills, gender or any other relevant attribute
  • individual customer preferences and behaviour

In addition, caregivers use CareBuilder’s app to activate & assign devices to clients in seconds, eliminating costly and time-consuming reliance on IT resources.


Caregivers receive and accept care requests, view and update care tasks and communicate directly with clients and colleagues, all with the Caregiver App. Use the Caregiver App deliver immediate and remote assistance – for example:

  • four-eyes medication control (incl. video audit record)
  • online advice on taking medication
  • initiating video calls with patients or colleagues to provide remote assistance
  • personalised library of physiotherapy exercises
  • reassurance in case of an episode
  • turning on the lights or controlling other smart home features
  • planning an appointment

The Caregiver app helps caregivers spend more time on care and less time on non-care admin activities. During a home visit the app can be used to:

  • open the lock on the door
  • automatically register response and time
  • automatically write time spent on care tasks and home visits
  • update the status of tasks
  • register care history
  • make video recordings for audit & compliance

This does not necessarily mean that care organisations have to change their existing systems; via CareBuilder’s API we ensure integration with existing systems where necessary. Your staff does not have to enter the same data in different systems!