Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

Support for people with a physical disability and / or psychiatric condition often spans a range of services including healthcare, living assistance, housing management and hospitality. Together these services enable patients to live as independently as possible in a home environment, knowing they can count on help when it matters.

The CareBuilder-platform integrates numerous third-party devices, services and interactive content. Property managers, service providers, care and support staff use just one mobile app to receive all alarms, alerts, planned care and support tasks and ad-hoc service requests, and to deliver and manage services in the full spectrum of customer needs and business processes:

  • Safety: personal alerts, video intercom, fire and burglar alarms
  • Care & support: nurse call system, video-assisted remote care & medication checks, care plan, technology-enabled care and e-Health
  • Lifestyle: news & entertainment, community portals, facebook & communication, lifestyle monitoring, social & activity plan
  • Smart home: remote controlled intercom and door access, smart lights and curtains, and adaptive furniture
  • Living assistance: give residents access to repair services and domestic help through the Client Portal

First line support workers use video-calling, VOIP or IP cameras integrated in the Caregiver App and the Call Centre Portal to assess the situation following an alarm or request from a customer. They can then forward the request to a qualified nurse or other service professional using CareBuilder’s fast and user-friendly task management and handover functionality (including automated escalation, so a task is never left waiting for a response!). CareBuilder’s powerful remote response features enable housing & care organisations to organise themselves more efficiently.

SOL Connect works with disabled patients such as Jamie, who has severe autism spectrum disorder. Jamie received 24/7 care at home throughout his life and was hospitalised up to 15 times a year, before becoming a SOL Connect customer. Jamie now lives alone in his own home, receives 8 hours of care & support, and has not been admitted for over three years. Jamie asks for support and can even order pizza safely through the Client Portal if he feels like it. Jamie enjoys his independence and SOL Connect saves tens of thousands of euros per year on care and support costs for the local authority and health insurer.


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