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Elderly Care


CareBuilder provides a solution that meets all the needs of eldercare organisations and offers many more options.


Elderly care organisations need to offer a wide array of domestic help, care and support services so people can live as independently as possible. Services range from helping with showering, washing and dressing, with stoma care or a catheter, wound care & injections, administering medication and pain relief, to giving daily structure to people with dementia and helping with household chores. In order to organise this as efficiently as possible, care teams, which are increasingly self-directed and work flexible hours, need a digital solution that meets several needs:


+ online management of care plan and patient agenda

mobile video & voice communication

efficient administration

all alerts, ad-hoc requests and planned tasks via one mobile app

online knowledge sharing and client information


Currently hundreds of nurses, carers and domestic help professionals, families and volunteers work with CareBuilder’s user-friendly Caregiver App and being supported by their own inhouse SAAS Care Response Centre Portal (Part of CareBuilder's personalised digital responder service and care communication system). Which is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) portal for care management and remote response.


CareBuilder additionally offers the flexibility to meet the changing needs of customers by personalising the devices, content and services delivered to them:


Monitoring devices – from lifestyle monitoring to eHealth devices

Personalised digital content – e.g. therapy exercises, news & entertainment, care plans, social & activity plans, photo address book

Online access to relevant services – give residents access to repair services and domestic help through the Client Portal as well as nursing and care services (with the correct triage and response protocol for each service)


The CareBuilder Platform has been designed to offer organisations cost efficient and flexible ways to enhance existing services and develop new ones ensuring they can maximise budgets and resources.

One powerful care platform, many stakeholders

Use CareBuilder to deliver & enhance your current service and
create new services that are designed around your stakeholders.
See why thousands of users use CareBuilder to provide better care.
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