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eHealth & Healthcare Technology 

CareBuilder integrates any open standard ehealth devices and applications so that healthcare organisations can deliver complex care as efficiently and effectively as possible.

CareBuilder offers an intelligent and user-friendly solution that determines the relevance of data and filters false positives. This allows the correct follow-up actions to be determined and relevant alerts to be generated and sent to the right healthcare providers. This helps to save considerable costs and time for hospitals and home care institutions.

CareBuilder helps care and support staff manage ehealth equipment with minimal effort and without too much dependence on the IT department.

The list of eHealth devices and applications that are already integrated on the CareBuilder platform is constantly growing:

  • Blood pressure meter
  • Heart monitor
  • Attack detection
  • Weight monitoring
  • HbA1c meter
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Urine analysis
  • Smart medication dispenser
  • Pain Management


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