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To help you decide whether CareBuilder is right for your organisation, we have developed the CareBuilder Experience.

During the CareBuilder Experience, a number of key stakeholders in your organisation will have the opportunity to work with CareBuilder in a realistic setting – this may include personal alarm or other devices, as well as content and on-line access to services that are relevant for your patients or residents. Participants will log into a safe, live environment and work with the CareBuilder Apps and Portals over a number of weeks, assisted by a CareBuilder coach. CareBuilder will support your team throughout the experience with training sessions, user guides, real-life content and service examples from similar organisations, and project management through to the final evaluation.


At the end of the CareBuilder Experience, the key stakeholders in your organisation will be able to take an informed decision on whether CareBuilder is the right solution for you.

And if you think the CareBuilder Experience may not be necessary or may be too disruptive to your team, we would be delighted to give you a live demo of our platform.


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