CMS (Content management system)

Manage all buttons and content seen by care receivers and caregivers. Make your own buttons with their own content and response protocol. Choose preferred CMS items in our library with a simple drag & drop. For example:

+ Alarm & Request buttons

+ Push content to caregivers, e.g. training materials, procedural updates, task-related instructions

+ Push content to clients, e.g. therapy videos, procedure instructions, medication guides

+ Entertainment & online content, e.g. links to Internet sites, YouTube, films, online radio

+ Shared content, e.g. family photos and videos, emails or other documents

CRM (Customer relations management)

Manage all users, including  function, rights and permissions.

+ User & account data

+ User role (permissions and access)

+ Customer content & service package authorisations

+ User contact details

+ Customer documents, social & care ecosystem

+ Customer IoT devices, monitoring & privacy settings

MDM (Mobile device management)

Manage all devices and device settings. Decide which applications and settings run on which device.

+ Approve, install, configure & delete apps on devices remotely and directly

+ Streamline updates, permissions, (re)allocate of user licenses

+ Manage in-app settings remotely

Two Month Trial

The proof is in the pudding; experience how CareBuilder will bring your care business to a new level. With a 2 month trial period and a minimum of investment, CareBuilder builds your own use case.

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