Solutions for better care,
enhanced safety and independent living.

The Caregiver Portal includes most of the functionality in the Caregiver Mobile App, and packs additional features that can be especially interesting for senior care staff, operating managers and alert response centre staff.

In addition to the features available the Caregiver Mobile App, the Caregiver Portal allows caregivers, operating managers and alert response centre staff to perform a range of tasks:

  • view detailed reports on planned care, alert and requests incl. real-time status, responsible, waiting time & duration of taks
  • view availability, location and on/off-line status of field staff
  • assign alerts, tasks and requests to care staff and automatically notify them
  • push content real-time to customers and colleagues e.g. care-related information, instructions, therapy exercises, entertainment
  • publish available timeslots for appointments
  • plan appointments in customers and staff agenda’s
  • view historic and real-time on/off-line reports for connected smart devices
  • view alert & response audit trails
  • review/play back recorded video and voice calls