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The active involvement of family and friends is critical to patient’s well-being, especially in the case of elderly people and patients with chronic conditions, who are at greater risk of becoming lonely.

Care organisations can benefit from the family, friends and volunteers who take on responsibility for part of the workload and who can help keep patients positively engaged. CareBuilder’s family portal was designed to meet these needs.



  • Get in touch with your loved one via video, VOIP and telephone-calls, & email or other social media

  • Give advice and support with therapy / procedures or unexpected issues

  • Check medication intake


  • Check alerts, requests and planned activities to stay informed and provide support

  • Review real-time activity reports of patient’s activities throughout the day



  • Easily Share photos, music, videos, internet content and more, in a way that is accessible to your loved one

  • Family & friends can remotely play games with their loved ones


CareBuilder offers the option to add a Family Manager to a patient’s circle. The Family Manager is responsible for the more advanced management tasks:

  • Manage the Social Eco System of an elderly person or patient – e.g. invite other family, friends or volunteers to join the social ecosystem

  • Manage content and services available to patient and friends & family