Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

Patients can communicate with caregivers and family & friends through a tailor-made touch screen home hub. Patients also have access to personalised services and content which are deployed depending on their needs.

This home hub has been introduced with great success for patients who have little experience with digital tools or have learning difficulties / physical limitations. Scroll down to see the features of the Client Portal.


Service requests

  • Patients can quickly ask for help with the ‘Help’ button

  • Request help for different situations (e.g. help with cleaning)

  • Request help from specific caregivers (advice from a physiotherapist when performing an exercise)


  • Following a request for help, authorised caregivers may initiate a video or voice call, without additional consent from the patient

  • Place and accept video, VOIP and voice calls

  • Send text/video emails and access social media

Contacts & Agenda

  • Contacts include caregivers, volunteers, family & friends and are clearly represented via images of the contact with their name

  • Add reminders and appointments to the personal agenda

  • Review items added by authorised contacts

Entertainment & care content

  • View internet content (informative sites, news, church webcast, Youtube)

  • Play games with family & friends

  • View family photos / videos

  • Send reminders with content to the Client Portal (procedure instructions, medication guides, etc.)


  • Receive reminders for taking measurements or medication

  • Follow on-screen instructions about e-Health devices

  • Read measurements taken by smart e-Health devices

Smart home

  • See a live image of the intercom and unlock doors to allow entry

  • Control lighting, heating, blinds and open doors

  • Control other adaptive furniture