Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

Caregivers receive alerts or requests from their customers on their Caregiver App. These alerts or requests can be generated by different devices such as the Client Portal, motion detectors or bed-side and e-Health devices. Scroll down to see the features of the Caregiver App.


  • (Video) call with clients & colleagues
  • Initiate automatic video calls
  • See which colleagues are available

Work Management

  • Receive and accept alerts & requests in real-time
  • Update alerts & requests
  • Manage your agenda
  • Plan & check care tasks
  • View instruction manuals / videos
  • View patient reports

Location & Access

  • See where colleagues are on a particular floor, department or building
  • View exact location of clients & colleagues
  • Open door locks
  • Manage authorizations for personnel

Admin & Device Management

  • Log in / out with simple & secure login protocols (two-step verification)
  • Assign Caregiver Apps and Client Portals with QR-codes
  • Registrates time spent on care tasks
  • Records video calls for audit & compliance
  • Monitor battery & on/offline status of client’s devices
  • Remotely manage smart home devices