Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

CareBuilder integrates a proprietary SaaS solution with hundreds of third-party smart devices and care systems. The CareBuilder SaaS platform includes video, voice, text & push content communication , intelligent real-time triage and task admin, and a state of the art care management environment. These capabilities are organised in mobile apps and portals for each stakeholder in the care environment to meet their specific needs: patients, caregivers, family & friends, care centre operators and care managers & innovators.

A purpose-made portal for every stakeholder in the care ecosystem:

Integrating SaaS & smart devices

  • Communication Protocols – Zwave, Bluetooth, ESPA 4.4.4., Wi-Fi, 3G & 4G, NFC
  • API & data exchange – JAVA, DOT NET
  • Video & sound – SIP, WebRTC, H264, VOIP
  • Alarm devices – care phones (e.g. BS8521, TTnew, UMO), SMS, smartphones, browser-based tablets
  • Sensors – Fire, break-in, leak detectors, motion detectors, fall detectors, wander detectors, IP cameras, door monitors, e-Health monitoring devices, smart home sensors
  • IoT (CareBuilder AIO) – for devices using Wi-Fi or Zwave such as buttons, sensors, smoke or fire detectors and movement dectectors


Integration – how we have deployed our API

We have developed an API which can be used to integrate our client’s chosen systems and devices to our platform so they won’t have to put in the same data in different systems. These are some examples of integrations that have been made with our platform:

  • Staffing (web services) – roostering, payroll, key personnel data e.g. specialism and location
  • Planned care – therapy programme, appointments
  • Care systems – dossier forming & care history
  • Care call systems – e.g. Verklizan
  • Accounting – for e.g. billing/invoices
  • Alert / alarm systems – e.g. Kadex, UMO, Tunstall
  • Payments – SEPA incasso

Safety, compliance & quality standards

We are GDPR-compliant and we have put in place technical and organisational processes and procedures to safeguard against any unauthorised and unlawful processing of our client’s personal data.

Data exchange standards

  • Data security level is PCI DSS Level 1. No physical access for customers/employees
  • Employees with access to customer data have signed confidentiality agreement
  • Work is ongoing on compliance with upcoming MedMij standard

Data & information security

  • CareBuilder meets the requirements set out in NEN 7510 – ‘Information security in healthcare standard’

Back-up & recovery

  • Recovery and fallback procedures are documented and tested twice a year

Business continuity

  • Data availability & server uptime of 99.995%
  • Multiple network connections between servers / internet

Hosting arrangements & standard

  • Hosting ISO 27001 certified
  • Continuous replication of data across two sites & daily back up
Low Total Cost of Ownership central to CareBuilder's design

Easy Installation & Configuration

  • Integrated suite of solutions
  • Plug & connect devices and assign them to users – no IT skills required.
  • Hundreds of devices, services & protocol template for a quick start
  • Personalise devices, services, content and triage & escalation protocols in a drag & drop environment

Training & Change  Management

  • No programming skills ever needed!
  • CareBuilder train the trainer for advanced users (management & care centre staff)
  • Intuitive apps and portals for caregivers and their clients
  • Automatically embed change in operating processes

Modular licensing

  • Modular licensing model – pay for what you use, use what you need
  • User licensing based on type and number of users of our platform
  • Device operating lease – we are happy to discuss models for licensing rather than acquiring e-Health, motion detection, tablets, smartphones and other commonly used care devices

Management & Support

  • All system management & upgrades included
  • Technical support included.
  • Remote maintenance & support – incl. proprietary MDM solution based on Android EMM

Customisation & Scalability

  • Amazon webservices & technology
  • Innovation sandbox – drag & drop care management system, open standards, API, common communication protocols

CareBuilder MDM based on Android EMM

  • Approve, install (push or via Managed Play), configure & delete apps on devices remotely / directly
  • Streamline updates (silent/push), permissions, [re]allocation of user licenses
  • Manage in-app settings remotely e.g. wipe out log-in settings and history on shared devices