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An alert can be sent by patients, residents, colleagues and readings from smart technology. Sent alerts are enriched by CareBuilder’s differentiated smart triage with relevant information such as the nature of the alarm, urgency, location and the need for specifically qualified personnel. These alarms are then received at the Call Centre Portal or the Caregiver App. It is also possible to receive alerts via e-mail, mobile phone (IVR) or SMS.

The alert is converted into a task for the suitable executor. If this person is unable to perform the task, the task can easily be transferred to colleagues.

As soon as a task has been accepted, the caregiver receives relevant information about the patient and the task that must be performed. As a result, the caregiver always knows what to do. It may also be the case that the patient must perform the task himself. In this case it’s also possible that text or a video clip appears on their Client Portal with the task instructions. 

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