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enhanced safety and independent living.

The Alert Response & Service Operations Centre enables response centre staff to deliver quick and efficient assistance directly to customers, leveraging all the smart devices and solutions integrated on the CareBuilder platform. Response centre staff and managers maintain complete oversight and unprecendented control over the care & support processes and organisation.

Deliver service & alert response

  • Communicate with and provide remote support to customers and caregivers via video, voice, mail, text
  • Control / drive smart devices remotely e.g. close curtains, control webcameras and domotics systems, take measurements from eHealth devices
  • Send and receive video, voice, email and text messages to customers & colleagues (emails may contain form buttons to record response)
  • Push content to individuals or groups customers and colleagues e.g. instructions, reports, physiotherapy  videos, patient information, documents, entertainment, training materials
  • Plan appointments and tasks for customers and caregivers and schedule reminders
  • Locate customers, colleagues and other resources on a map or in a building and get directions
  • View customer planned care, information, history, documents, assigned devices and social ecosystem
  • Take notes and/or record video calls for customer dossier and audit trail

Manage Alerts & Requests

  • View live, real-time dashboard with incoming alerts & requests and planned care tasks, along with relevant information e.g. time and nature of alert, location, status, responsible
  • Find colleagues on duty, available & logged in on any given department, floor, building or area and/or with specific roles
  • Assign alerts & tasks to the nearest available resource on a map or in a building – the system automatically notifies the responsible resource and escalates in case there is no response
  • Assign alerts & tasks to an individual or group
  • View detailed alert response audit trails
  • Review/play back recorded emergency response video and voice calls (authorised staff)
  • Publish available timeslots for appointments that customers can book from Client Portal
  • Generate real time custom reports & charts e.g. domotics on/offline monitoring, staff productivity, alerts & requests by current status

Manage Field Staff / Lone Workers

  • View detailed real-time and historic activity reports and actively monitor and manage productivity, response times, punctuality and quality of service
  • Push content to field staff e.g. task-related instructions, training materials, policies
  • Monitor who is signed in for work and which staff are available / online at any one location, department or floor, by type of function/role
  • (Re)assign staff to another location to ensure appropriate coverage e.g. during lunch or when assistance is required elsewhere
  • Import & export staff roters, activity reports e.g. for payroll and cost declarations (via CareBuilder API, Excel or PDF reports)