Solutions for better care, enhanced safety and independent living.

John is founder and Managing Director at CareBuilder. John and his team of passionate developers have worked for over fifteen years on building the platform and business CareBuilder is today. Before starting CareBuilder, John was one of the pioneers developing systems to support distributed supply chains, including real-time matching of work packages to certified service staff and contractors in time-sensitive, complex production environments. In 2005 John worked on and delivered a system to support children with learning difficulties, which included remote support as well as customised content. The CareBuilder platform was developed over the next several years in close collaboration with healthcare organisations.


Co-creation is still today a founding principle of John’s approach to product development.

“Our passion for technology and for delivering truly innovative solutions has helped us develop long-lasting relationships with our clients, whose needs never stop evolving.”

From early on in the life of CareBuilder, John has focused on developing an intuitive platform that places caregivers and operating management in care organisations in full control.

“My vision is that care organisations should be able to manage the ever growing number of health monitoring and safety devices, triage and escalation protocols with minimal support from IT staff or external suppliers – including ourselves. Care managers and staff should be fully in charge of the innovation process as well as the daily care processes, no matter how complex or individualised care becomes. We are fortunate that some of our clients are leaders when it comes to transforming the way care is organised and delivered.”